Black Mountain Games Retains iBeta, Inc. for Testing and Quality Assurance of Putt Nutz.

San Diego, Calif., August 10, 2006 - Black Mountain Games, a leading independent video game development studio, announces today that it has retained industry leader iBeta, Inc. of Aurora, Colorado for testing and Quality Assurance for its next-gen Miniature Golf title - Putt Nutz.

“We are pleased to have iBeta onboard to help ensure that Putt Nutz is bug-free and completely solid for our consumers when it releases this fall," said Black Mountain Games President, Suzanne Brooks.  "As the movement towards independent game development and publishing continues to grow, we recognize that it is crucial to ensure all aspects of development are covered - including QA.”

Putt Nutz is a fast paced, over-the-top, 3D Miniature Golf game complete and fully playable on PlayStation 2, PSP, PC/CD-ROM, and in development for XBox 360 and Mac. This is the first next-gen, multi-platform miniature golf game to combine the thrill of traditional putting with the excitement of dynamic, fast paced console elements. Putt Nutz features 72 stunning holes rich with interactive course elements, an Arcade full of bonus games, and a fully animated set of characters to guide players through their golfing adventure.

Black Mountain Games Black Mountain Games is an independently owned video game development studio originally founded in December 2002. Black Mountain Games is a licensed Sony PlayStation 2 developer who makes games for consoles, PCs, and handhelds utilizing their own proprietary cross-platform 3D engine technology. For further information on Putt Nutz or Black Mountain Games please visit: www.blackmountaingames.com